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How to Prank your Friends by changing your voice call in android

Hello everyone, in this we are going to show you a funny and tricky way to converse with your family and friends during a phone call. Nowadays technology Improving day by day. Some individuals will have regular communication with their family and friends and some will not. To enhance the way of conversation better and fascinating and also to improve conversation for those who are not good at conversing regularly, we come up with an idea which can make little chuckling and snicker around you and your companions or family.

We can do this entire conversation through a phone call. This is to show up that we can do this conversation purely for fun and entertainment purposes. Then we have a question in our mind like, How to do a prank call with your friend or to a relative?

Before getting in, I would like to say if you are not interested to prank an individual or not acceptable to make a voice call like an outsider, then the idea would not be working for you. The prank can be achieved only when you can fool the call recipient and make the person in question befuddled to the point that they have no clue about who is speaking with them and that is the point at which the trick will be a triumph. How to do this? Don’t worry we will show you the way to prank your beloved ones. With the help of today’s technology and devices, we can achieve this.

To achieve this several applications can make your normal voice call into a different one. Now I present you a mobile application that will conceal and convert your phone number into a private number during a phone call. This application allows you to change your voice during a called meeting with your companion. With this application, your voice can be changed to a female, male, child, animation, and so on. This trick can be useful only for android users. Indeed…!

The mobile application which is used to change your voice is Magiccall, which can assist you with pranking your companions with various voices during a call. There are a lot of free and premium applications available in the Google play store. But most of them are useless. They are not effective in converting your voice. But Magiccall will convert your voice with more accuracy like the exact male, female, or some other. The beauty of this application is even though your mobile number is already saved in your friend’s contact list the application will hide your original phone number and display them as a private number on your friend’s mobile during the phone call.

To Change your Voice Call:

I had given below the step by step procedure that how to use Magiccall and convert your voice and prank with your friend’s:

Step 1: Install the Magiccall Application from Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: Open the app and sign up with your mobile number as shown below.

Step 3: There are a lot of voices and backgrounds displayed over the screen. You can check your audio quality by clicking the Test icon as shown below.

Step 4: Select any one of the voices. Then select the background sounds which you want and start calling your friend or family member by clicking the call icon as shown below.

Step 5: If you want to record your call you can enable call record in the settings of the app.

Enjoy and make fun of the phone call.

Use this “Magiccall” app to prank your friends and family members. Please don’t use the app for any illegal call. If any happened we are not responsible.




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