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Track your Loved Ones

In this life, we all are facing a daily reality such that we search for the wellbeing and security of every single loved one of our own when there are out of the home. There is no assurance or guarantee that they will come back home safely. Whatever can happen to them like medical injuries, threats for money. There occurs a big deal of violation of rules. In some conditions, we are not capable of saving them.

Due to this violation, the blood relations were scared and worried about their loved ones like a parent looking for their kid, women looking for their husband. Making phone calls and texting messages may not work all the time. Sometimes their phone can be engaged or out of network coverage. So, we can’t ensure cent percent safety and keeps on getting panic at that moment.

But one thing can be done to ensure their protection that what if they are monitored or tracked by their location. This can ensure safety and reduce panic. This is like keeping an eye on our loved ones. So, we can easily know their live location.

This can be done by using the ‘Family locator by ‘fameelee’ app. This app allows us to track our friends or family members live locations. This app is absolutely freed from cost. This app allows you to track all the members in your circle. The circle can be created by sending the invite to your loved ones. They can also do the same. The invite will seek permission to track their live location from this particular individual. There is no way for worrying unanswered calls or unread messages. We can also enquire about their current situation.

It will alert your circle members when you are in trouble. Sometimes you may feel certain privacy at that time you can turn the GPS off for a few moments and turn back on. This apps helps us and our family to get connected to families with safe and secure.

To locate your circle member:

Step 1: Download and install ‘Family locator by ‘fameelee’ from Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Open the app and register your account by filling the details like name, address, etc.

Step 3: Now when the map was shown click on the bottom icon to create a circle of your family as shown below image.

Step 4: After clicking the icon you can see a list of contacts form your phone to whom you can invite them to join the circle by sending them the invitation.

Step 5: Once the invitations have been accepted by your friends or family members, now you can track their location, group messaging, help alerts, chats, and so on.

Start downloading the app, click here to download

Use this app to track the exact location of your loved ones and don’t feel panic hereafter.




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